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The year is 2518. Three hundred years ago the skies went black, radiation forced humanity underground. In the last remaining refuge of humanity, an underground facility known as the Pit, four citizens must find their way to the highest level of the facility before it's too late.

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  • James "J.R." Reynolds (Mike Ginn) - resident of Sector 10, in training with the Clergy.
  • Budwinnie "Buddie" (Kate Elliott) - resident of Sector 7, hacker, forklift driver.
  • Sony Packard (Markeia McCarty) - resident of Sector 9, she teaches history to Jenna, one of the children of the elite on Sector 4.
  • Braidy Riley (Joshua Ovenshire) - resident of Sector 7, delivery truck driver, son of the head of the security.

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Prologue Edit

The year is 2518. Three hundred years ago the skies went black, radiation forced humanity underground. It is rumored that a great evil drove humankind to their own destruction. The Pit is not aware of any other holdouts of humanity left under the scorched Earth. No one has seen the surface for centuries, it is forbidden. No one knows anything of the surface world other than stories and wild tales. Even wanting to see the surface is seen as ludicrous; it is death. The Pit has ten Sectors, Sector 1 being nearest the surface and Sector 10 being the deepest. Sector 10 is cold and damp while Sector 1 is warm and rumored to be filled with vegetation, only the privileged few have access though. Sector 10: Vermin, the slums. Sector 9: the Hive, general population, the workforce. Sector 8: the Bread, the market and merchants. Sector 7: the Iron, specialized workers. Sector 6: the Lock, seed storage, no one is allowed within. Sector 5: the Couriers. Sector 4: the Temple. Sector 3: the Bulls, security force. Sector 2: the Voice, housing for the clergy. Sector 1: the Totem, no one other than the elite knows exactly what is up there.

James, Budwinnie, Sony, and Braidy are attending the funeral of their friend Janus Humes. He was a Courier, he left his mark on the Pit, bringing a smile to the face of everyone he encountered. Couriers are the only caste, other than the highest security detail and those that reign from the Totem, that are allowed to move between Sectors at will.

The office they stand in is dark, but everywhere is dark down in the Pit, a large man sits behind a desk holding a wooden box. He asks the four of them why Janus wanted them there and tells them he left a note in his locker along with the box. The note had all their names on it so the man thought it should go to them. The box is locked but none of them have the key. Once that is all taken care of the man dismisses them and asks security to escort them to the elevator. The security officer reminds them that they may only travel as high as their living arrangements permit until it is time for them to return to work.

They take the wooden box to Sector 10 to decide what to do about unlocking it. The elevators work using a card scanning system to identify which Sectors the passenger has access to. As they descend, the four talk to each other about Janus, who died falling into the Pit, which is a bottomless hole the facility is built onto the sides of. A Courier falling into the Pit is an unusual occurrence and Sony talks about the many stories of people in history who sacrifice themselves to shed light onto problems.

James tells the others that he has recently joined the Clergy. He tells them some of the things that he has been learning, “We are synonymous with God, and the Kingdom of Heaven, and we are selected by the Gate...” The Clergy wander the Sectors in threes, one newbie and two veteran members, they wear long red robes with hoods that can shadow their faces. James met Janus when he spoke to him about the word of God, and James mentions that Janus was always a ray of sunshine even without being embraced by the Clergy.

Braidy met Janus through his work, they were both deliverers and their paths would cross from time to time when Braidy would take goods for the upper Sectors to the elevators for a Courier to take onward, the weren't necessarily close friends but they got on well enough.

The elevator comes to a stop and the door opens upon a small park with stone benches, it is quite dirty. Budwinnie tells the group that she hacked her way into the system of the Pit and assigned herself the job of forklift driver so she'd like a crack at figuring out the lock on the box. While she works at it, Sony talks about her job as a teacher. Budwinnie opens the box and finds another note within, it reads:

You four are the key to the Gate, the door, and the Lock. This came to me, comes to me, I know my end is near. All of it wrong. Nothing special about us, our saving just a matter of proximity. Not like the Devil would burn himself. I honestly feel bad for you four, as I have mislead you. I befriended you because you all have special privileges and capabilities that, if used together, can stop the Synchroneity project from launching. THIS knows, to close the loop, ignore God. It is no more a god than we are its passing thoughts. We brought this on ourselves. They will come for me soon, I know too much. I hid four courier badges for you inside of my bunk. It is up to you, Braidy, yo get the others up there. Trust each other, stop the rocket from crossing the Gate and close the loop.

They have heard rumors of the Synchroneity project, nothing that has been confirmed, but the rumors are that the project is a spaceship that will take them all off of the planet.

Braidy and James are skeptical of all this, and Sony and Budwinnie buy into it. An 'old friend' of James' approaches the group, at first James pretends not to know Ronnie, but then Sony introduces herself to him. He snatches the letter out of James' hand and reads it, then he asks about these courier badges the note mentions. He gestures Braidy off to the side to talk to him and three of Ronnie's goons step out of the shadows. Ronnie proceeds to attempt to threaten Braidy into getting the badges for him, things escalate after James comes over to explain who Ronnie is. Ronnie draws a shiv on Braidy and Braidy punches him in the throat, the three goons start to advance but Ronnie waves them off and they all leave, but not before Ronnie draws a finger across throat while staring at Braidy.

J.R. reveals that he used to run with these guys before he joined the Clergy, they are the guys that all the stories about how dangerous Sector 10 is stem from. They are the crew that the people on the higher levels employ to get their hands dirty.

They talk about getting the badges from Janus' bunk on Sector 5, which Braidy doesn't technically have access to, though he does mention that he has connections he could talk to at his house on Sector 7. None of the others have access to Sector 7, so Braidy will have to go alone. The others give Braidy their address' and workplaces so he can find them again, Sony's workplace is a school for the bourgeoisie children of the upper classes.

Without proper clearance from their security escort, Sony will have to go to a different elevator that will go to her Sector. Braidy and Budwinnie, as Iron workers, take the elevator back up to Sector 7. This sector is called the Iron because this is where the iron mines are, the workers have been pulling iron ore from the walls from the inception of the Pit, where all that iron goes once it leaves the Sector is a mystery. They make their way to Braidy's house, since it is a Saturday, and the Iron has the weekends off, it's a relatively uneventful walk.

Braidy's father is sitting in the main room drinking and reading a book. After exchanging pleasantries and barbs, including Braidy's father urging him to accept 'the offer' so that they don't have to continue to live in this Sector, Braidy says that he has to grab some things from his room and he goes after his father's access card. Budwinnie provides a distraction while Braidy sneaks in to the man's room. Mr. Riley mentions that he remembers her, he is the one who handled the case of her hacking her way into the forklift team, but he is not the one who dropped the case against her.

With the perfect distraction underway, Braidy manages to get his father's badge from his desk drawer without detection. He and Budwinnie leave.

James has gone to find the Sector 10 contingent of the Clergy, attempting to avoid Ronnie and his gang. He finds Brother Thomas and has a discussion of faith and his new direction in life. Brother Thomas tells him that he needn't worry for much longer for it is almost time, they'll be joining God soon.

“The Gate is ready to open, it is almost done, stay strong...None of this matters. You don't matter, I don't matter.” When James brings up that his past is haunting him and asks Brother Thomas what he should do, Thomas tells him, “You must find that answer for yourself. Follow the path of God, wherever He may take you, is where you are supposed to be. Stay strong Brother, we'll be leaving soon.”

When James presses for more, he continues, “In exchange for God's Gate, we have been blessed with the Iron, our health, and heaven's seed: the Tree. And we will be returning them to God. If there is anyone in this sector you care about, get them out soon. Bring them to God and they can join us.”

On Sector 9, the most crowded sector but also the most secure, patrolled by the bulls, dressed all in black with the insignia of a bull upon their chests and carrying spiked bats, Sony's home is brightly decorated with colorful chalk on the outside. Sony helps herself remember things by singing them to herself, and right now she is singing to herself about the note that Janus left them while moving amongst the things she has collected and bartered for to decorate the interior of her home.

A knock on her door interrupts her, she recognizes her main student's private helper but she doesn't know his name as he has never introduced himself to her. He tells her that he has come to collect her, not for a study session but something more important. She lets him into her home, where he looks around in a disgusted manner, and tells her he is there to bring her up to Sector 4, where she will live from now on. It is Jenna's wish that Sony be brought up to Sector 4, he quickly loses patience with her questions and tells her that everyone in this sector will soon be dead. Jenna wants her favorite teacher alive, she will move into the school on Sector 4, this is not a debate and he would like to keep this quiet.

Sony retreats to her room to 'pack a bag', while she does that she writes out a note to her neighbor 'Run. Something is happening. Love, Sony'. She places the note under a stone outside her back door and takes her bag back into the main room with the man. He makes it clear to her that he does not actually care about her, that he can tell the people who sent him that she resisted coming along with him and he did everything he could. Then the two of them leave.

James, thinking about what Brother Thomas told him about sending people to God, goes looking for Ronnie. He arrives at Ronnie's place and is stopped by some of his gang who tell James that Ronnie is out investigating what the paper he stole from them means. Brother Thomas' words about sending people to God ring in James's mind as a fight breaks out and James charges one of the men who is wielding a bat wrapped in red tape with nails sticking out of it. James shoulders the bat wielder to the ground as he winds up to swing and takes the bat from him. He swings the bat at one of the men charging him from behind, the nails dig into the man's jaw, ripping it free from his face, “I send you back to God” James tells the dying man. James points the bloody bat at the third man, asking him where Ronnie is. The man answers, trying to keep James from noticing the gang member behind him with a butterfly knife.

An alarm rings out across the sector and all the combatants stop in their tracks, a voice blares over loudspeakers, “Attention all sectors. Unfortunately, due to a limited supply of oxygen, Sector 10 will no longer be functional. It will be closed off from the Pit, we're sorry.” They feel a rumble under their feet and, in the pause afterwards, James recognizes Brother Thomas in one of the elevators rising out of the sector. James shoves his way passed panicking throngs of people and leaps, grabbing the bottom of one of the ascending elevators. Another person grabs onto his waist and he kicks them off into the open pit below and then wields his bat to keep others at bay.

He sees Brother Thomas exit the elevator on Sector 9 and the man in the elevator he clings to the bottom of tries to stomp on James' fingers through the grating on the bottom of the lift. James moves his hand and puts his bat in its place, the man steps onto one of the nails and James rips open the grating, sending the man plummeting to his death. James then climbs into the elevator and it opens on Sector 9, two security guards pull James from the elevator and throw him to the ground. As they raise their bats, Brother Thomas calls out to them, stopping them from beating James to death.

“I sent people to God,” James mutters to Thomas.

“Yes, we did,” he replies, as a loud rumbling sounds from Sector 10 and it plummets into the pit.

Chapter 1 Edit

Braidy and Budwinnie didn't hear an alarm, but they felt the rumble of the sector's plummet. People start to come out of their homes and look around in confusion. “Please remain calm, we regret to inform you that Sector 10 is no longer with us.” the loudspeakers blare, “Due to a faulty oxygen system, to ensure the survival of the human race, difficult decisions had to be made. This will conserve oxygen and ensure that the rest of us continue on. Your lives are not in danger, please remain calm.” No one remains calm, and a large mob heads towards Braidy's father's house. They take Braidy's father's badge to the elevator, since it is a security badge Braidy can take Budwinnie along without triggering an alarm. When they reach Sector 5, they are approached by security.

Two guards approach and Braidy tries to talk his way past them. They recognize Braidy and tell them that all is going to plan on this level. On of them takes the badge out of Braidy's hands and speaks into a comm, “Can we get the Director on the line?”

The other guard zipties Budwinnie's hands behind her back and kicks her to her knees. Getting no response on his comms, the man smiles a wicked smile at Braidy and calls him a daddy's boy prick. They've heard about him turning down every opportunity that privilege offered him and then he gets to deliver iron. The other guard drives his bat into the back of Braidy's leg, where a nail pierces the muscle. The man turns the bat around and clubs Braidy into unconsciousness, then Budwinnie as well.

Truths Edit

  • History: When she was a child, Sony's father dug deep into the history of the Pit, and of humanity. Then mysteriously disappeared without a trace, this fueled in Sony an obsession for searching out history and truth.
  • History: In Braidy's past he used someone in a lower sector that spoke to his heart, or something he doesn't wish to say, that made him hate the lower sectors.
  • Feeling: Although he hates it, Braidy is finding himself more and more drawn to Buddy. The more he fights it, the stronger the feelings are. Is it true love, or is he losing his mind. He's not sure, but he does know he can't fight them for long.

Chapter 2 Edit

Sector 4 is an entire sector devoted to worship, each sector is allowed access at different times to show their love for God. Sony, on the other hand, has her own private classrooms here. Jenna, the highest in status of her students, has asked that she be brought to Sector 4. After the announcement, Sector 4 has remained relatively calm, the Clergy working there don't seem that affected by what has transpired. Sony asks one of them about helping the members of Sector 10, he tells her that all will be well in due time, “it is for the greater good.” When Sony pushes for helping them further, the clergyman tells her, “We were chosen child, we helped ourselves, no one else. Our descendants earned their rightful place here and we will earn our place among the stars.”

Her handler leads her onward to her new home, he stops her from approaching anyone else, telling her that her wishes do not matter, only the wishes of her student. Jenna is waiting at Son'y new home to speak to her. They arrive at the school, the man leads her to a small room with a cot, a bible, nine candles, and that is all. Sitting on the cot is Jenna Anah, about 15 years old, dressed expensively with long hair. She jumps up and rushes into Sony's arms. Jenna tells Sony the truth about Sector 10, there was no malfunction, but she is happy that she got Sony out. Sony talks to her about all the other people in Sector 10, how she shouldn't be focused on just one person, and all the people in Sector 9 as well.

To which Jenna responds, “They'll be going soon. That's why I had to get you out so fast. We don't need the workforce anymore, they've done the work. The Synchroneity, it's finished. In a couple weeks we'll launch it into the Gate and we'll have a new home. I wanted to make sure you were safe, here, so you could come with us. My dad doesn't know, I don't think he'd care really...”

Sony asks if there wasn't room for everyone on the Synchroneity, the stories have said that the ark is large enough for all. Jenna says that sounds something the Voice would tell people to keep them from causing a ruckus. Sony says they can't let the people of Sectors 5 through 9 die when they don't have to.

“But they have to. What do you think powers the ship? I mean, I don't really understand how it works, it all seems pretty mumbo-jumbo-y to me...but there's the thing in the bottom of the Pit and it is hungry, and if we give it stuff, a lot of stuff. It will give us enough energy, or power, or whatever it is, to get us through the Gate.” Jenna tells Sony. Sony objects to the sheer atrocity of all this. “'God is calling us to the stars' or whatever. I don't really care, but it's how we survive.” Jenna says, “I know that this is a lot, I wanted to tell you for a long time but I wasn't allowed. Things are going to be changing quickly now and dad says that, ya know, with the help of the Clergy we're all gonna, ya know, stars and stuff...”

They argue back and forth about what was the fault of humanity in the past, the self-caused calamities that wiped out the rest of humanity. When she mentions her friends and Janus, Jenna tells her that she assumed Sony would be more excited that Jenna saved her and then leaves.

Budwinnie and Braidy come to when water is splashed into their face, Braidy opens his eyes to see the bruised face of his father standing over him. He tells them that they would have been fine in their Sector, then asks where were they going. “We are disposable to these people,” Braidy's father speaks softly to him, “but right now we are in their favor and that gets us a f***ing pass. But if you keep rocking the boat, we will lose that pass. So fall in line. I will get you a security escort to Sector 5, I cannot have you causing a ruckus right now.” He tells them that they are free to go and that he never wants to see Budwinnie's face again.

The two get up, Braidy with a limp, and the two of them with their hands tied behind their backs. Security escort Erik, the man who originally assaulted them, will be their escort to Sector 5. As they walk through Sector 3, Budwinnie is surprised at how casual it is, card tables set up all over the place, but then they will walk by the occasional wall of weaponry. It seems that very little iron could be spared for weaponry, most of the weapons on display are homemade.

They arrive at Sector 5, the Couriers seem to be back to work, and they make their way to Janus' house. Erik mentions that Braidy was mumbling Buddwinnie's name when they were knocked out before. Upon entering Janus' home, Budwinnie starts up her distraction with Erik as Braidy searches Janus' room for the passes. He finds them behind a wooden panel on the wall, behind them are sheaves of very old paper with strange images printed upon them, some laminated. One of them is the list of symbols that Officer Decker and Posie Petunia discovered in Kolob. Braidy recognizes some of theses symbols, they have been used to denote each Sector of the Pit.

A low-quality photo depicts a mushroom cloud from a viewpoint high in the atmosphere, within the cloud is the shape of long tentacles reaching out into space, Braidy notices that along the outer edge of the picture are the blue of the sky, and blue waters below, things he had only heard tales of before now. This must be the moment that they were destroyed. Scraped into the wall at the back of the room are the letters THIS, over and over again. Braidy begins to tear apart one of the larger books to secret some of these things inside.

Budwinnie keeps the security officer busy with her classic barrage of questions and information until Braidy returns.

James is talking with Brother Thomas, he tells James that it is important for them to keep moving up, but maybe there are some people on this level who need to be returned to God first. Specifically, Sony, who spreads 'lies' about the church and their history. Once this is done, Brother Thomas will let the Voice know their job is done, one day perhaps James will speak with the cardinal himself, and get access to Sector 2.

There is no answer when James knocks, Brother Thomas pulls a device from his pocket that hacks the electronic keypad. The two men speak of James' relationship with Sony, James tells Brother Thomas everything and asks him for guidance. Thomas wanders over to a sketch of Sony's father and asks James if he knows her relation to the man in the sketch. Brother Thomas orders James to bring Sony to him alive and able to answer questions. “Bring her to me in Sector 2 when you find her,” Thomas orders, still staring at the sketch, as James leaves. James then uses his job card to go to Sector two.

Braidy and Budwinnie, along with their escort Erik, are outside Janus' place and Erik suggest they get back to the Bulls. Erik's body drops as Ronnie, pressing an air compressor against the Bull's head from behind, pulls the trigger. Ronnie's goons frisk Braidy, but don't find the badges. Budwinnie distracts Ronnie with a question, then elbows the two goons on her and takes off running. Braidy tries to drive his head into one of the men on him's face, but he miscalculates and knocks himself for a bit of a loop before another one grabs him.

At this time, the siren starts again, along with the announcement to remain calm. They all hear the sound of Sector 9, where the majority of the civilians live, tearing free from the side of the Pit and plunging into darkness.

Truths Edit

  • History: Buddie's always had a talent for hacking but it doesn't always go as she wants. She thought she was assigning herself as a Courier not a forklift driver.
  • History: Turns out Braidy has more daddy issues than he thinks, that isn't his real father.
  • Character: Budwinnie wasn't an only child, she had an older sister, but she disappeared one night when Budwinnie was young, that was when her parents began denying her sister's existence.
  • GM: Someone finds a note with the following text. "To find what you seek, you must not look. In a place where everything can be seen."
  • Feeling: J.R. hears a voice. It speaks," The God you believe in is not above but below. Meet him. Jump into the Pit."
  • Feeling: When JR closes his eyes, he feels a pair a judgmental eyes staring at him.

Chapter 3 Edit

Sony is in her new room on Sector 4 when she hears the rumble of Sector 9 plummeting into the abyss. A folded slip of paper slides under her door, the note written on it says: To find what you seek, you must not look in a place where everything can be seen. As Sony processes all this, she hears the sound of weeping coming from down the hall, a crowd of distraught civilians from Sector 9, in Sector 4 for their allotted time to worship, are crying out for their loss. A member of the Voice, clad in red, whispers to her from his room “It is not safe for you out there,” and he beckons her in to his room.

The man shows Sony a picture of her on his tablet device, he tells her that the Cardinal wants her brought in for public execution. He goes on to tell her that she is of great importance, Sony is shaping the mind of Jenna more than the Voice ever could. It is important to the Cardinal that Jenna fall in line with their ideas for the future of mankind.

“You do not speak the voice of God, this frightens many,” he tells her, “You are in a position of great power.”

The man believes that Jenna is in danger as well, he says he saw her being followed, that if Jenna is found dead, Sony would be the prime suspect. He tells her to run to Sector 1, because if God tells him to kill her, he will do it, but he won't think it is right. The man gives her a knife from within his robe and bares his chest to her, “If you value your life, no one must know that we spoke. You must deliver me to God, or I will be forced to deliver you.”

When she tries to dissuade him with stories of the past, of a man whom God tasked to kill his own son, he tells her that is why the Cardinal fears her, she does not even speak of their God. As the man grasps her hands and draws the knife toward his chest, she sees a back exit to the room. She drops the man's knife and bolts out the door with the man calling after her that she should have killed him.

Sony checks all of Jenna's favorite haunts of the Sector, each member of the clergy she sees stops to watch her run past and begin to follow her. She pulls up her scarf around her face like a hood and attempts to lose her pursuers.

She ducks through a kitchen area where she knows the staff well, sending the workers out with food for the Sector 9 mourners, Sony leaves the kitchen through a side door and comes to one of Jenna's favorite spots, there is no sign of the girl but there is a wide trail of blood, as if a body were dragged out of the courtyard.

Up in Sector 2, James has made his way to the living quarters of the clergy here. He goes to the Cadinal's establishment to seek audience. One of the guards outside his office stops James to question him. James tells the man that he needs access to the Sector where the person the clergy is looking for, Sony, might be. The guard brings James before the Cardinal, through a long office, almost like the throne room of a king, the Cardinal sits at his desk lit by two candles. He doesn't look up from the book of God's word as James approaches, he continues reading and asks what brings James to him.

James tells the Cardinal of his meeting with the others at Janus' funeral, whom the Cardinal reveals he had ordered the murder of because the Courier was planning something. “He aimed to keep us from the stars,” the Cardinal says, “do you aim to keep us from the stars?” James tells him that he is there looking for guidance, the Cardinal draws a pair of gloves from a drawer in his desk, and then a sheet of plastic that he drapes over himself. “Let's have a conversation with God shall we?” the Cardinal asks, as he stands and gestures across the room.

The Cardinal leads James over to a standing closet on the other side of the room from which he draws a wheeled cart. Upon the cart is a bowl, coming from within it is an orange/yellow glow. As James looks into the bowl, he sees a leaf floating upon water, the leaf seems to pulse along with James' heart. The Cardinal presses James's face into the water and James' world goes dark.

In the darkness, a soft voice calls his name. It tells him to close the loop.

Another, deeper voice calls his name and a flash of orange and white light pulses in his brain. James feels himself move through a void, he sees stars and finds himself floating in outer space. The voice asks him what he seeks. James tells the voice that it is what he seeks, it is the voice of God. The voice laughs, “What is God, James?”

“Glory, bliss,” he answers.

“Is that what you want?” the voice asks, and when he answers in the affirmative, it continues, “So selfish, this I can work with. Get on the ship, James. Come to the stars. Is that what you want to hear?”

“I don't know anymore,” is his confused reply.

“James, I don't care about you, about it, this. It doesn't matter what you, or anyone else, does.”

“How about the Cardinal, and everyone in the Pit?” James asks.

“Fools,” the voice answers, “only you are special enough to hear me. Only you. Hahaha.”

As James tries to question the Voice further, his head is pulled from the bowl and he returns to the Cardinal's office.

When the Cardinal asks what he saw, James tells the Cardinal that the voice told him that it doesn't care about them. The Cardinal tells James that he knows the voice feels this way, why would it care about any of them? What are they to it?

The Cardinal tells James that Sony must die, she possesses a threat to the clergy and their mission, she possesses knowledge and uses it to influence those of great power. “There are those who want different things from the mission that lies before us. Though Shiloh and I have been through a lot together over the years, there are certain things on which we do not see eye to eye.” the Cardinal says.

James requests full access to all the floors to hunt down Sony and the Cardinal gives him a specialty access card. “Bring her to me. Brother Thomas requested she be brought in alive. Do you know why?” James tells the Cardinal of the sketch that Brother Thomas saw and the Cardinal reveals that Brother Thomas was on Sector 9 when it fell into the abyss. James heads to Sector 5, where the others were supposed to get the Courier badges.

Braidy is currently being punched in the stomach by Ronnie's goons on Sector 5. Ronnie questions what Braidy knows about why Sectors are being dropped into the pit. Braidy says he knows as much as they do, and Ronnie has one of his goons go check Janus' house for the badges. He tells Braidy if his man comes back without the badges, there's only one person who could have them: Braidy.

Budwinnie has circled back around and with all of the men focused on interrogating Braidy, she is able to scoop up the air compressor and shoot Ronnie in the back of the knee, exploding it out over Braidy. Ronnie's goons charge toward Budwinnie, leaving Braidy open to trip up one of the men. As the man falls he snares one of the other goons, causing him to drop the bat he was carrying. Braidy scoops it up and bashes the goon in the back of the head.

James arrives on the scene as the last goon is coming at Budwinnie, James takes his bat to the man's skull as Braidy finishes off the other goons. James and Braidy compare access cards and Ronnie curses at them until Braidy silences him with his bat. James awkwardly tries to tell Braidy and Budwinnie about how Sony is in danger from the Clergy, which he is a part of and how he decided not to kill them. Budwinnie keeps the air compressor pointed at James until he disarms himself. They argue for a bit until they feel the earth start to rumble, and a deep, unearthly sound comes from the pit. They see an orange glow emitting from the depths of the pit, James peers over the rail into the pit and sees pulsing veins, the pulse is very familiar to him.

The veins do not look fully organic, there's a randomness, but also a design, like the roots of a tree spiraling around the pit walls. They grow further along the walls with each pulse.

Upon seeing the pulsing orange light, Sony thinks back to the paintings she has seen of sunsets in her history books. She looks around for a Bull to steal an access card from, finding one, she leads him to the bloody courtyard and then directs his attention to the pulsing light from the pit, using the distraction to swipe his access card. She leaves with promises to the Bull to get indoors and heads for the lifts where she finds the others.

She tells them about the clergy being after her. A new announcement is added to the curfew, “If you see or make any contact with any creatures that appear to be of descent other than human, you must contact authorities immediately.” They hear screams of terror from the levels below them, they look over the side and see several people leaping to their deaths from Sector 8. They decide to retreat to

Janus' house, and James drags Ronnie's unconscious form with them. Once they get into Janus' apartment they tie Ronnie up using bed sheets and whatever else they find.

The others are still mistrustful of James so he stays off in a corner. Another announcement sounds telling people to evacuate Sector 8, “Any individuals accessing the market area must remove themselves immediately. Anyone who must remain on Sector 8, God be with you.”

The lights start to flicker as the rumble returns, Sector 8 drops into the Pit.

Chapter 4 Edit

Sector 7 is now the bottom Sector of the Pit. Sony stresses the need to stop all of this, and also to find her student, whom she believes to be in danger. They discuss the various reasons why the clergy wants Sony, the public execution for having knowledge that goes against church doctrine, and some mysterious connection with her father, Hewlett. James reveals to the group that the Cardinal had Janus killed for heresy. Braidy suggests that they check in with his father, leader of the Bulls, perhaps he can help keep Sony safe. They hear someone or something banging pots and pans around in the kitchen. Budwinnie takes up her bat with a nail in it and stalks into the kitchen to see Janus pushing himself out of a cupboard. For two days he'd been in a hidey-hole he'd dug after faking his death and sending them all a note. He tells them that they need to stop the rocket that is being built in Sector 1, the group tells him that they need the rocket to escape whatever is in the pit. Janus doesn't know or believe anything about these creatures they tell him about.

Janus tells them that the Clergy wanted him dead for the same reason that they killed Hewlett, they both had the knowledge to free people from the control of the clergy's doctrine. Sony again brings up the need to stop them from dropping more people into the pit, rather than focusing on this supposed ship. Janus tells them that, if they kill Jenna's father, Jenna will become the leader of the Pit, and with the influence of her favored teacher, they can get her to stop the ship without more loss. No one knows anything about Jenna's father, he has never left Sector 1 and none of them have ever been up that high.

Janus tells them that he got the page of translated symbols Braidy found from Hewlett, they were a piece of the research that he was involved in that got him killed. They eventually decide to go find Jenna so that they can get up to Sector 1, whatever their ultimate goal may be there. James gives Sony his red clergy robes to disguise her from his fellow church members, and as she dons them, he steals and hides a knife.

Another announcement proceeds the rumble under their feet as Sector 7 drops into the pit. A bright light fills the inside of Janus' apartment, followed by an even stronger pulse. Janus opens the door and sees the orange veins working their way up the rock walls here as well and Sector 7 drops into the pit.

Chapter 5 Edit

Janus has fallen to his knees, staring at the pulsing veins in the cavern walls, his face blank and expressionless. “What is this?” Janus asks. “This is what we were talking about. From below it devours,” Sony responds. “They're feeding it...” Janus mutters, placing his hands on his head. “The stories are true...all of them. We can't destroy the rocket, we need to get everyone on it and get out of here. When the world went dark, the Devil showed himself.” Calling for them to get into action, James leaves the apartment and the others follow. They continue to talk to Janus as they go, James has pressed the button to call for the elevator and while they wait Janus says, “The visions, I thought they were a metaphor. This, this, I kept hearing this, To close the loop of prejudice and violence and pain and torment, we had to abolish what we knew about the clergy, and about God and the government. But what's the loop if it's not that?”

Janus grabs Budwinnie by the shoulders, looking into her eyes as he tells her, “Listen to THIS, they knew, I couldn't hear them.” He pushes off of Budwinnie and casts himself into the pit. The elevator arrives and, through the grated floor of the elevator, they can see people desperately trying to scale the elevator shaft, most of them falling into the pit. They manage to help a few of the people out of the shaft before the elevator stops, they see several Bulls rounding up the people who climb out of the elevator shafts and handcuffing them.

Braidy approaches the line of Bulls, telling them he is looking for his father, Roger Riley, head of security. The Bulls let the group through and they head into the security headquarters. The imagery of bulls with spiraling horns that line the halls of the building seems strange to them. Some of the paintings depict bull/human hybrid creatures. Roger beckons them into his office and tells them to shut up and listen, he can't protect Braidy anymore “It's happening. We're gonna drop, almost everyone. I was denied access to the upper floors.” Braidy is thunderstruck at this news.

“Dad, you're in charge,” Braidy pleads.

“I was only in charge long enough to get done, what needed to be done. Which was keep the peace. And keep order.”

Roger tells them that he has been ordered to return Braidy to his real father. His job was to protect Braidy, as is the duty of the Bulls. “Your mother was a vessel,” he tells Braidy, “On the birth of your sister, her daughter, it has come to pass and she was no longer...she was a good woman.”

When pressed as to what happened to Braidy's mother, Roger tells them that they will have to take that up with his real father. He cannot accompany them, the Bulls have to keep people from stopping what needs to happen to save the rest of humanity. Whatever is in the pit knows that they are trying to leave, and it is doing everything in its power to stop them. There is only one hundred and fifty years of oxygen left, which they will pump into the ship.

Roger reveals that Jenna is Braidy's sister, Shiloh apparently wants Braidy back with his sister presumed missing. The footage that the Bulls have is of clergymen taking Jenna, Braidy's father and the clergy are apparently at odds.

Braidy confronts James about what he knows about this, and James puts forth the plan to have him put his clergy robes back on and take Sony as a 'prisoner' to the Cardinal on Sector 2. Roger tells them that Braidy is the replacement for Jenna, only one of them can get on the ship.

Roger pulls Braidy aside and tells him that he ordered the Bulls to stop looking for Jenna as a way to get his son, Braidy, a ticket on to the ship. Braidy refuses this and decides to go after his sister to rescue her.

They return to the others and Roger confirms reports of the creatures coming out of the pit, the Bulls don't have the power to stop them. The squad of Bulls that Roger will send along will buy them the time to get to the Cardinal for some answers. They all feel a rumble and hear the screams from below as Sector 6 drops into the pit.

Chapter 6 Edit

The group, and all of the Bulls that could be spared, travel up in the three freight elevators toward Sector 2. The group is in one of the elevator cars with Roger Riley, talking strategy. Roger says they should formulate a plan in case they can't stop the Sectors from dropping when they get up there, perhaps Budwinnie could use Jenna's clearance badge to get them access to Sector 1 and then from there open up access for everyone who is left in the Pit. The orange pulse now illuminates the entire pit and they hear screams from below, as they look down, dark shapes can be seen climbing up toward them, the light doesn't seem to touch these figures, they seem to be shrouded in darkness itself.

One of the shapes leaves the wall, almost floating through the shaft towards them, a hand reached out from it as it passes through the bottom of the elevator and touches Budwinnie. Her world goes dark.

Truths Edit

  • Discovery: There seems to be something more than being a high born. Braidy discovers there’s something special with his blood in connection to this place.

Chapter 7 Edit

Darkness surrounds Budwinnie, an emptiness, and a whisper. “Close the loop. THIS. Join the Pit. Do nothing, do nothing, do nothing.” The rest of them see Budwinnie collapse to the floor of the elevator and start to convulse. Braidy kneels over her and tries to wake her. When she tells them that she heard a voice James is happy that someone else had a similar experience to his with the Entity earlier. When the elevator doors open, a crowd of red-robed clergy await them. About a hundred clergymen stand in front of the Cardinal, who is perched atop a small rock and holds a drugged Jenna hostage.

“You shall remove yourselves from our path,” the Cardinal tells them, “We will be taking the heretic, and our brother, as we ascend.”

James tells the Cardinal that he has done his job, he has brought them here, as they planned earlier. For some reason, Budwinnie punches him in the nose. The Cardinal gestures at James and thanks him for doing his duty, then gives the others one chance to join them. “Join us, as we leave t his godforsaken place and join the Ancient One in the stars. Kill the heretic, and we'll allow you safe passage.”

Sony asks if she is the heretic he refers to.

“Yes, you are the person who would bring us down through her own selfish devices.”

“All I speak is the truth, there are documents, the truth is there in print...”

“And you believe what you read. Who wrote those words? Do you think Shiloh Anah let anything in to this pit without his supervision? You know nothing of the man who rules over you, do you? The father of this child.” “I know what I have read, and I know what the people say about him. He is not the end all of everything, there was society before we had to move underground and that is the truth I speak of, that I teach Jenna about.”

Chief Riley steps forward and tells the Cardinal that Braidy is Shiloh's son, if they are after Shiloh, they should take Braidy as well. James confirms this all and suggests he can also be used as leverage. Budwinnie attempts to bluff that Sony can be used to control Jenna and Sony also bluffs that the badges require a conscious bio-signature to be used. The Cardinal knows, however, that the person does not need to be conscious to use their bio-signature.

After more banter about them killing the heretic, the Cardinal challenges the fact that Shiloh would allow someone who is spreading lies that could hurt him to his daughter. “Do you know how long Shiloh has been controlling us? Three hundred years ago, he built this hole, himself. He's taken the Ancient One for himself, used it for his own selfish needs. This is being escalated because he knows I know; he's trying to escape as quickly as he can and I know that what he needs is his daughter. So I will be taking her to him and taking the ship.”

Sony bluffs that there is a keycode that only Jenna's handlers know and the Cardinal buys it, but he tells his men to grab the heretic and James complies. Sony shouts “Let those that turn against their friends be smited!” and clubs James in the head with her bat, staggering him into the open elevator. With that blow, all hell breaks loose. A group of clergy advance on the elevator, Sony ducks back into the elevator, the ten Bulls do their best to hold off the clergy and Braidy pushes Budwinnie onto the elevator and steps forward to defend her, “I'll find you,” he tells her.

Chapter 8 Edit

Braidy, his father, and the Bulls fight against the tide of clergymen. Braidy pushes his way through to Jenna, telling her to come with him. Jenna pushes herself out of the Cardinals hands and tells Braidy that she needs to get to her father or they are all doomed. The Cardinal grabs her again and addresses Braidy, telling him to come with them to see Shiloh. Jenna tells Braidy he is not going to like what he sees on Sector 1, then leans in as she passes him, “First chance you get, you kill this fucker,” she whispers. As they leave, Braidy makes eye contact with his adopted father just as a nailed bat smashes into the man's head.

In the elevator, James tells them all that the knife he pulls out was for the Cardinal, their plan was for him to 'turn them in' so they could all get close. Budwinnie hacks her way into the elevator's systems and gets them all access to Sector 1. As the elevator rises, they see the people on the sector they leave behind stop and watch them rise, until the darkness swallows them and Sector 5 drops into the pit, the orange glow gets brighter.

The doors open on a courtyard in Sector 4, people have dropped to their knees and are praying, Budwinnie tries to get the elevator to move faster. Braidy, Jenna, and the Cardinal, holding a knife to Jenna's throat, rise in another elevator to Sector 1. “I'm going to meet God,” the Cardinal whispers, as a grin overtakes his face, “I'll head to the stars, I'll finally fulfill my duty.” Braidy's bat connects with the Cardinal's face, caving it into his skull, he keeps muttering, “To see God,” as he slumps to the elevator floor.

The doors to Sector 1 open as a streak of warmth hits Braidy, it is nothing he has ever seen or felt, as the doors open further he sees bright greenery and sunlight. Jenna takes his hand and pulls Braidy past two guards holding bright, shining guns with a circular logo on them. Braidy stops Jenna and tells her that he needs to go after Budwinnie and his other friends. Jenna tells him that his father will not allow them onto the ship, Braidy should hear it all from Shiloh. Hearing birdsong for the first time, Braidy looks up and sees a glass dome overhead, and beyond it the sky.

“Don't get too weird on me,” she says, “we still can't go out there, it's not safe. At least, that's what dad says.”

And then Braidy sees the ship. It is pointed down, thrusters aimed skyward, as people bustle around it, loading cargo. “Dad didn't want to drop the Seeds but he did. So you're all that's left,” Jenna tells Braidy, “The only reason you couldn't stay up here is because you're the wrong chromosome. He's gonna be excited to see you because he thought he'd failed, that they were all gone, that the ship was going to the stars with none of his lineage.”

Braidy notices pulsing orange veins in the ground along their path, as Jenna frolics through the foliage, she's excited to finally share this with someone new. “Dad thought it was important that I was smart, the smarter I am the more pleased It will be. The Heart.” The veins they follow are leading to a tree, “There's your proof, go say hi to dad,” Jenna says.

As Braidy approaches the tree, a face appears through the bark, and an arm stretches out towards him. “My name is Braidy Riley, son of Roger Riley,” Braidy addresses the face.

“No,” it answers in a robotic monotone, “you are my son, Braidy. I am Shiloh Anah. This is my home. You are my lineage. You were not needed, but now I am glad to see you.”

“Why are you a tree?”

“In the great quake of 2018, my temple, storing my body, disconnected from the Heart that I was born to protect. My people, they knew how to fix me, they took me to the tree. My body, no longer lifeless, but, as you can see, immobile. That was five hundred years ago.”

“So, what's next?”

“Next, we kill it. We destroy the Ancient One and stop this from ever happening. I'm sorry that I had to lie to all of you. It was the only way. It knows, I am part of it. When I awoke after years worshipping it, protecting its Heart. I now found myself connected to it in a way that let me see that it cares nothing for us. We are nothing to it. My life up to that point, had been a lie. We are merely a hill for it to climb over. It is everlong, undying. We, to it, are nothing. I kept the Heart with me, closed off, down in the pit. You sister, she knows what to do.”

“What does she have to do?” Braidy asks.

“You wish to know? Let me tell you a story. Syncroneity once my foes, then falling, now gone, they were close. Close to destroying the Ancient One. Three hundred years ago using the Blood, the Eyes, and the Arm, they powered it up but kept it from being whole. It sent out a cry, a Signal, and the world went dark. An evil like no other spread across the planet. Driving us all mad. I should have listened, should have offered my help. The Signal, it tracked it, not just to me and my collection, but across time and space. The Spine, the Heart, the key to the Soul. Its home, is two thousand light years away.

Now, seeing the evil they unleashed, they knew what had to be done. What only I could do. We must destroy it before the Signal reaches the Earth two thousand light years ago. Their madness destroyed them. I saved us, the rest of us, in the shadow of my dark embrace. This ship, it will take us there, and we will kill it, finally.”

“How many people are coming with us?”

“The Shepherds, from birth I have trained them, taught them, educated them, with all the knowledge that I possess. They will lead and they will succeed, for I have seen it. And then, none of this will have happened.”

“Are you the one that has been dropping all the levels?” Braidy asks.

“Yes, I must. For power. For the Portal. The Blood, will guide the ship. The portal needs enough energy to ignite, the Blood will take it home.”

“Do all ten levels need to drop?”

“All but this one, and Jenna. She will ignite the Heart. The Heart will connect to the Spine. I will create the panic that will ignite the Portal. The ship, led by the Blood, will drop and the journey will begin.”

“Sounds like you need me too,” Braidy says.

“You are not qualified to run the ship. You are not smart enough. You are not skilled enough.”

“What if I told you I knew someone that was?”

“And who might that be?” the tree asks.

“The mother of your grandchild,” Braidy lies.

“You have passed on our seed? Then you must retrieve her at once. Anah must live on, they are the bringers of the new world.”

“Could I get some of your soldiers to help?”

“I will not risk them, they are too important. But there is another way,” the face recedes into the tree.

“What did you say?” Jenna walks up to Braidy, “He's excited, he's calling for them. The darkness.”

Braidy asks Jenna if she's okay with everything she has to do.

“I have to be,” she answers, “That's why I was born, this is my destiny.”

“Good for you. You're a very strong person, Sad that I just met you today.” Braidy tells her.

“It's okay, you're one of us. You'll always be with me then, and I'll be with you. We have a special...connection to the Ancient One because of our father. He hates It, you know?”

“I think our dad is gonna help me find our friends and I think they'll be able to come with us,” Braidy says.

“With you,” she corrects, “wait, he let you on the ship?” When he nods, she hugs him, “That's great news, I'm so happy.”

“I need to get something done, and I need you to stay here,” he tells her.

“You're going back down?”

When he asks if there's a way to speak to Shiloh again, she tells him that he might come to Braidy in other ways, now that he knows you're listening.

“Has he spoken to you in other ways?” Braidy asks.

“They all do,” Jenna responds.

“All who?”

“Did he tell you about the earthquake? That's when he originally died. Him, along with the others. They're in the tree too.” She tells him.

“Could I get in the tree?” Braidy asks.

“I mean, you could. But then you couldn't be out here.”

“What if someone cut the tree down?” Braidy wonders.

“I don't think you understand how powerful our father is. How do you think those levels are falling. He just lets them go. [I don't think anyone could] cut the tree down if they wanted to.”

Budwinnie sends the elevator they are on up to Sector 1, and then unlocks all the other freight elevators. Their car stops at Sector 3 and there are a few Bulls standing there, they tell them that all the elevators are open and that they should bring the people up to 1 before they continue their ascent.

As they ascend, they hear an announcement that people should head to the elevators and make their way to Sector 1. The elevator doors open on Sector 2, bodies are scattered on the ground, some of the clergy members look up at them from moving bodies. James tells them that he is taking the others prisoner and the clergy tell him it doesn't matter, the Cardinal is dead. They look over to another elevator.

James goes over to the elevator that holds the Cardinal's body and kneels over him, “Every time I close my eyes I see your judgemental eyes,” he tells the Cardinal's body as begins to gouge out his eyes. Two other clergy members come over and hold the Cardinal's head steady for James as he removes the Cardinal's eyes and crushes them, freeing himself from their judgement.

Braidy heads over to the elevators on 1 and sees the guards there leveling their weapons at the doors. “There's someone on one of these elevators that my father needs,” Braidy tells the guards, he has them hold their fire until he gives the say so. The doors open and ten clergy men step out. Braidy sees violence unlike any he has ever experienced, each round from the guns the guards fire remove the parts of the body they hit. The clergy are annihilated in a wave of red and holes are punched in the back of the elevator.

When the others' elevator arrives, Budwinnie runs out and embraces Braidy, the guards tell Sony that Jenna has requested her presence. Braidy tells them of what he has learned, there's a giant beast within the Pit, there is no surviving for everyone, but maybe some of them can escape on the ship. He sends Sony on to see Jenna, and takes Budwinnie to see his father.

James' elevator arrives on Sector 1 and he feels the brush of sunlight heat his skin, as his eyes focus, he sees two men pointing weapons at him. “State your name and business clergymen.” James tells them his name and they tell him to get on the ground. He does, but the other two clergy do not, and James feels their blood splash onto him as the guards light them up. James lets the soldiers know that there are many more red robes coming up the elevators and offers to join them in keeping the elevators safe.

As the next elevator opens, containing red clergy members. James says, “Brothers, it's going to be okay,” James lies, as he steps forward and jams his knife into the throat of the first clergymen, and he continues stabbing as the guards watch him kill the entire elevator of red robes.

Sony and Jenna meet up, Jenna tells Sony that she won't be able to get on the ship, but Jenna would be honored if Sony would join her. “You taught me everything you know, made me more than I was, and I would be honored if you would join me. We get to save everybody.”

Braidy wants to talk to Shiloh about getting Sony on the ship, and Sony agrees with Jenna that helping everyone is a noble goal and she would be happy to help in whatever way she can. “This is what I taught you. You always do the right thing, even if it's not the easiest thing.” Sony says.

They hear a rumble, as dust rises from beneath the ship. The concrete slab underneath the ship is opening up, revealing the pit below.

“Who's controlling that ship?” Budwinnie asks.

“Devina flies it,” Jenna responds. “The Blood will lead us to the Ancient One, so that we can kill it.”

“This is so outside my realm of experience,” Sony mumbles, “What can we do, right now, to help?”

“Just take my hand,” Jenna says, as she begins to lead Sony away.

Braidy tells her to wait, he wants a brother/sister one on one.

“That ship is pointing down...” Braidy says.

“Yeah,” Jenna agrees, “to the portal.”

“You should probably go introduce her to dad, since she's carrying the seed,” Jenna says as they rejoin the others. Braidy makes the 'go along with it' motion and Budwinnie agrees. Jenna takes Budwinnie's hand and says, “Well, it was nice to know you. I'm sorry I'll never got to see it born,” she continues over Budwinnie's objections, “Thank you for continuing on what I couldn't. I know you're not like us, but you seem smart,I think dad will like you.” She turns to Sony, “Shall we?” The two of them leave.

Braidy sees the glowing veins guiding them back to the tree and he takes this opportunity to tell Budwinnie everything, how his father is in a tree and controls everything, and how Braidy had to tell him that he had gotten her pregnant to get her here. Shadows and shapes start to dance around them in their peripheral vision as they approach the tree, when they look behind them, there is nothing, emptiness; ahead, only the path leading to the tree, the world around it vanishing into darkness.

“What is this?” Shiloh asks.

“Our future,” Braidy replies.

As the darkness creeps in, and the tree grows a face, Budwinnie goes insane as her feet are enveloped by darkenss. Braidy sees her sink into the ground and vanish into blackness.

“You lied to me, she carried no seed.” Shiloh said, “There will be others for you to mate with on the ship. Do not lie to me again, or the blackness will envelop you.”

“I'm not going with you on that ship. I'm not letting any of this happen.” Braidy says defiantly, as the world passes into darkness.

Truths Edit

  • Feeling: JR seeing the sweeping Darkness over the rest of the previous Sectors, and the strength of his companions' character, a #Truth emerges, a #Feeling of conviction. If he cannot trust in a God who kills its people, then he will believe in Humanity
  • GM: J.R watches helplessly as everyone walking through the hallway, is shot by a booby trap. J.R. suddenly finds himself a few moments before triggering the trap. (Zac and Mike edit this one into the elevator scene where JR kills the red robes.)

Chapter 9 Edit

In a flash, Braidy finds himself in a chair, he looks down at his arms and he is strapped in, his legs as well. The walls around him are metal, and there are screens on them. “Hello,” Devina says, “I am the pilot. I am the ship. You are a passenger. We will be leaving soon.”

“Cool, where's Buddy?”

“Who? She was not on the ship.”

“We need to find her,” Braidy says.

“I'm afraid you cannot do that. It will be a long trip.”

Braidy feels cold seeping through his veins as he looks down and sees the needle stuck into his arm.

Sony and Jenna stand on the edge of the pit and watch as Sector 4 drops into the pit.

“Stand back darling that's a very long drop,” Sony says.

“I know, we're gonna make it together. We're going to ignite the Heart.”

“Launching yourself into an orange lit pit does not help anything. This is not what I taught you. This is not using your brain at all.”

“I know you taught me everything you knew. But you didn't know everything. I mean about this, about everything.”

“I know about gravity, darling. And that's a long way down into that pit.”

“If you knew that you could, take all of this away. Start over. That thing you see above you in the blue, at one time billions of people looked up and saw that. You know, when my dad was alive he said that the planet was just on the brink of destruction, but even then it was beautiful, that there were people everywhere, living. If you knew you could fix that for everyone, would you do it? And I don't mean theoretically. If you have proof and no reason to believe that theses things are not true, would you do it?”

“In my book, and many of the books I've read, that is suicide darling. It is not a good route to go down. You have the rest of your life ahead of you, for instance.” Sony responds.

“I wanted to do it with you because I respect you, and you're like the mom I never had.”

“And I feel like you're the daughter I never had a chance to have.”

“Are you gonna try and stop me?” Jenna asks.

“Jenna I can't stand here and let you jump into a pit. What is your proof? Convince me Jenna, please. If anything, you know me, as your teacher I respect proof, I respect knowledge, and I love you.”

“Okay,” Jenna says, looking down, “Dad, can you do this last thing for me. She just wants to understand.”

Sony looks down and sees a flood of roaches come out of the ground and form into a body, “What confuses you?” the robotic voice of Shiloh asks, “that I need to clarify for my daughter.”

“She is trying to convince me that her diving into this pit starts some kind of chain reaction that helps stop a lot of bad things from happening in the first place. And I asked fro proof.”

“I am your proof. My existence, my connection to God is your proof.”

“Would this close the loop?” she asks.

“You speak of THIS. It reached out to you?”

“It was another person, Janus told me about that...”

“Daughter, it is time.” Shiloh says.

Jenna opens her arms wide and falls back into the pit, as she does Sector 2 and 3 fall with her. Sony climbs onto the railing and dives after Jenna, she reaches out and grabs Jenna's hand, pulling her in tight. Sony never feels impact, as they are surrounded by white light. Sony sees Jenna's eyes cloud over and she whispers, “Forever my darling,” as an emptiness fills her brain and she loses every part of herself.

Braidy watches on the screens, as other people are moving in around him, strapping themselves in, Braidy watches the light grow hotter and hotter. James is standing at the elevator, surrounded by bodies. The guards leave their post and he follows them into a field filled with fauna, the tree bursts into flame.

“So this is God...” James murmurs. The creatures from below crawl from the pit and scurry through the weeds toward him, one lunges and he lets it take him, and he fades into darkness.

Chapter 10 Edit

Braidy feels the ignition of the ship lighting up, he feels a void in his chest, a feeling of his father. He looks to his right and sees a man, “Son, it's happening. Your sister ignited the Heart. I am destroying the Spine.” “What's gonna happen to me?” Braidy asks.

“You're a shepherd now, you'll live and die on this ship. Many generations from now, our children will kill this god, this being. And none of this will have ever happened.”

“Did you bring my friend?”

“No, you'll have plenty of time to mourn for your losses.”

A blue energy starts to form in the center of the pit, a tear in reality reveals space, the stars.

“That is your new home. The last of humanity's new home.”

“Are we human? Am I human?”

“No, but I suggest you keep that to yourself.”

The ship blasts into darkness and the light fades out.

The End of vol. 7